Books of the year 2014

Books of the year 2014

I know it’s a bit late for books of the year for 2014, but life ran away with me a bit in December and so I’m only just returning to blogging and reflecting on what I most enjoyed reading last year. Given we’re stuck in the dark and cold of January if you need some inspiration on what to read this year, hopefully this will help.

Most likely to change the worldThe Circle. This is a seriously scary book, but hopefully one that will scare enough that the future it forecasts won’t happen.

Learned most fromItaly’s sorrow. Not easy to read but I learned a huge amount about the reality of the second world war in Italy from this book.

Most captivatingThe Casual Vacancy. This is captivating in the sense that I felt like I was transported into this small town and wasn’t let go until the story had run its course. A brilliant book.

Most changed my everyday life5:2. I got thinner thanks to this book. Enough said.

Most enjoyment from – I really liked The Night Watch. It’s such an interesting and well written book showing such an intimate side to London in the blitz.

Most able to make a complex subject easy to understandWhy Nations Fail. This is a great book that talks in a really engaging way about why countries need strong institutions.

Most un-put-downableThe Visitors. I loved this book. It had everything for me – a great backdrop to a story, a mystery that needed solving and a cast of characters you want to spend time with.

Least enjoyment fromRed Nile. I really thought I would love this book about the Nile but I really didn’t.

Most surprised by, in a good wayThe Volcano Lover. I would never have picked this up if it wasn’t part of a course I was doing, but it was great. A really good piece of historical literary fiction and one that taught me a lot about writing too.

Most surprised by, in a bad wayThe Making of Them. This book was a real eye opener for me about the reality for some of the British boarding school experience. That reality was even worse than I thought it would be.

Would most recommend for holidaysThe Goldfinch. An excellent book and one you need to really get stuck into as you delve deeper into the life of this tortured soul.

Talked most obsessively aboutA guide to getting a puppy. Well I talked more obsessively about the puppy than the book itself, but I think that counts.