People Person

People Person

I read People Person by Candice Carty-Williams (see also my blog on Queenie) by the pool on holiday at the end of May. It was un-put-downable and had me enthralled from start to finish.

It follows the story of Dimple, who is an emotional bunny who feels everything deeply and cries a lot. She has good reason to be quite often in a state, given her absent father, a co-dependent relationship with her mother, who likes a drink, her violent and abusive boyfriend, a career as an influencer that is going nowhere and the sudden presence in her lives of her four half-siblings.

The siblings are first brought together in a haphazard way by their father Cyril, when Dimple is just fourteen, but when her Mum is away and Dimple finds herself in an impossible situation and needing help, it’s her siblings that she turns to.

Danny has been in prison and has turned his life around bringing up his gorgeous son. Lizzie is very angry with everyone, and is even beginning to annoy her long-suffering female partner Patrice. Prynce, the youngest, makes everything into a joke even when it isn’t, and Nikisha, the eldest, is there to make sure they are all fiercely protected.

Following their stories as they deal with getting to know each other and their father is a joy, and thankfully they manage to avert disaster. A must-read.